Balls, Balls and more Balls, Golf Balls that is!

Hannah Brooks Golf

As many of you will know who follow me on social media I have taken up golf!

I have been having lessons now for the last two months and I am slowly getting there. Tomorrow is going to be my first venture onto an actual golf course as all my training so far has been in a driving range.

I am planning on starting by playing nine holes to see how I get on and just plan on enjoying the experience. My aim is to be at a good enough standard to be able to travel around Europe filming porn in the morning and playing golf in the afternoon!

I contacted one golf course in Bristol a couple of days ago through Twitter to ask them about membership prices and rather than reply to me they just blocked me on Twitter!

Guessing they live in the past and don’t want people like me being associated with there course! I mean it’s not like I would practice in my underwear or anything silly like that!…………

On a more serious note, I will have to be more careful in future and maybe not contact them via social media and see if they reply to me then!

Here is a proper video of how my swing is coming along…

If any of you are interested in following my progress send me an email and I might set up a youtube channel if I get enough interest so I can vlog my progress.